High-Strength thermal-conductivity vacuum-suited

Metallization of metals, light metals, glass and ceramics

High-strength connections even at high operating temperatures - soldering in vacuum, under protective gas, with flame or induction. High innovation content through the combination of a wide variety of materials.

Product description

A metallization of materials is required which show bad wetability or which have different thermal expansions (metals, light metals, ceramics, glass). The metallization is realized by Sn-based active solders or active braze materials such as Ag, Cu or Ni.

After metallization the materials can be soldered or brazed with adapted processes. Alternatively it`s possible to cast metallized parts into constructions. In opposite to galvanic or sprayed metallizations the metallizations made by soldering or brazing show high strength, dense joints with high thermal conductivity and are well suited for vacuum applications.

Following materials can be metallized by soldering or brazing:

  • Light metals like Al, Mg or Ti
  • Metals and non metals
  • Porous materials
  • Magnetic materials
  • Composite materials like MMC and CMC
  • Glasses and ceramics

Depending on thermal loads of the joined parts or thermal limitations of the base materials the metallizations can be deposited with Sn-based active solder materials at temperatures ranging from 150 up to 300 °C or in vacuum using active braze materials such as Ag-, Cu- or Ni ranging from 850 up to 1100 °C.