S-Bond® Soldering up to 450 °C

S-Bond® soldering technology. An in-house developed and patented soldering technology for heavy metal-free soldering according to RoHS and WEEE without flux. Time-consuming component cleaning to remove flux residues is no longer necessary.

S-Bond® Techinfo

Insight into ultrasonic soldering up to 450 °C.

An exemplary application of ultrasonic soldering without flux on copper with our S-Bond® solder can be found on the following link:

S-Bond® Applications video

Insight into ultrasonic soldering of a copper plate

Soldering offer

  • Soldering with Bi, In, Sn, Zn-based solders
  • Patented soft active soldering technology without using flux agents
  • Atmospheric and inert gas soldering processes:
    • light metals such as Al, Mg or Ti
    • metals and nonferrous metals
    • porous materials
    • magnetic materials
    • composites MMC and CMC
    • glasses and ceramics
    • ...
  • Production of wettable surfaces
  • Design of soldering appropriate assembly part constructions
  • Support in material selection
  • In-house construction and manufacturing of soldering auxiliary agents and appliances
  • Machines and equipments for ultrasonic soldering