High-strength connections

Hard- and high-temperature brazing

High-strength connections, even at high operating temperatures - brazing in vacuum, under inert gas atmosphere, with a naked flame or induction. High level of innovation on account of the combination of the most varied materials.

Brazing offer

  • Brazing with
    • Al-, Ag-, Cu-, Au- und Ni-Base brazing materials
    • Active brazing materials
  • Brazing of varied material combinations:
    • construction and stainless steels
    • super alloys
    • copper and copper alloys
    • nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and titanium alloys
    • tungsten and molybdenum
    • carbide, cBN, diamond
    • ceramics and glasses
    • ceramic-metal composites
    • ...
  • Inert gas and Vacuum brazing processes
  • Design of soldering appropriate assembly part constructions
  • Support in material selection
  • In-house construction and manufacturing of soldering auxiliary agents and appliances