S-Bond® Thermal management
- heat exchanger and cooling plates -

The heat dissipation from thermally highly stressed components is playing an ever increasing role.

Product description

The avoidance of so-called "hotspots" is made possible due to suitable combination of materials on account of soldering technology production, and is the key for an efficient de-warming or warming. The assembly parts operate at optimal operation temperatures with great reliability and long service life.

Adhesive bonding is often not a solution because the heat transfer in the connection zone is very low. Solutions based on soldering technology, are therefore increasingly being taken into consideration especially in the temperature range up to 450 °C. Soldering of appropriate material connections provide an arbitrary selection of assembly part geometries.

Cu, Al, Invar, Kovar, AlN as well as composite (Al-SiC, Cu-SiC, metal-graphite etc) and their combinations are the future materials for these applications. It is known that these materials are poorly wettable at the low soldering temperatures. Solutions can hereby be offered, on account of the Euromat® developed and patented SBond® soldering processes and -materials.


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