FormatĀ® Thin-coating technology

High-performing surfaces for tools, forms, instruments, motors and turbine parts.


  • Machining of metals, nonferrous metals, light metals, ceramics, composites, plastics
  • Forming, bending, pulling, punching, sawing, cutting, extrusion, casting
  • Movements of parts such as pistons, rods, connecting rods, shafts, bushings, guides, bearings
  • Reduction of the adhesion level in the case of tools, instruments, molds, melt parts, casting cores
  • Special applications such as ad- and absorbing coatings and hot forming

Coating offer

Wear protection coatingsTiN, TiAlN, TiAlN+C, TiCN, TiCN+C, TiHfN, CrN
Low friction coatingsDLC, WC-C