Soldering of thermally sensitive materials

Fluxless low-temperature bonding, soldering, metallizing and sintering of metals, light metals, non-ferrous metals, ceramics and glass as well as heat-sensitive materials and workpieces


Insight into the soldering of thermally sensitive materials.

Special features

  • Vacuum and active-gas soldering from 140 °C to 450 °C
  • Suitable for metals, light metals, ceramics and glasses as well as heat-sensitive components such as TEG or LED modules, foils or moulds, fibres or contacts
  • Customised adaptation to component shapes and combinations of materials
  • No subsequent cleaning of components needed (by avoiding the use of fluxes)
  • Reproducible, reliable and economic process control
  • Can be used for sample batches as well as small and large production runs
  • Bonding processes lead-free as per RoHS

Application areas

  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Sensors
  • Medical Technology
  • Thermal Management