Technology Overview

Format® - Thin coats

High-performing surfaces for tools, forms, instruments, motors and turbine parts.

S-Bond® - Soldering

Heavy metal-free soldering acc. RoHS and WEEE with / without fluxing agent for the prevention of corrosion.

Metallization of surfaces

High-strength connections even at high operating temperatures - soldering in vacuum, under protective gas, with flame or induction.

S-Bond® - Heat exchangers coldplates

The heat dissipation from thermally highly stressed components is playing an ever increasing role.

Bodyclad® - Rough coatings

for gripping and cutting applications, machining, separating and grinding concrete, stone as well as hard surfaces

Bodyclad® - Armor plates

for large-scale wear, corrosion and impact protection, in particular at elevated temperatures


Flux-free low-temperature soldering and sintering of metals, light and non-ferrous metals, ceramics and glass for applications in electronics, optics, sensor technology, medical technology and thermal management

Nanoplas® - ETC coatings

Wear and corrosion protection, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, non-stick, gripping, running-in and gliding characteristics, special functional surfaces

High temperatur - hard brazing

High-strength connections, even at high operating temperatures - brazing in vacuum, under inert gas atmosphere, with a naked flame or induction.

Adhesive bonding

Alternative bonding possibility for high-strength bonds of metal-metal and metal-ceramic bonds.

Targets with Cu-Backing-Plates

Applications: Optical, elektronics, displays, glas, foils, solar, sensoric, decor, data storage, wear resistance, tribological systems

Bodyclad® - Composite coatings

Highest demands on the wear and corrosion protection in the event of severe abrasive and impacting loads on the surfaces.

PM foils - preform tapes

Upon customer demand, arbitral selections and materials combinations through in-house powder intensive mixing technique and forming processes are possible.