Overview of our applications

Nanoplas® - ETC coatings

Wear and corrosion protection, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, non-stick, gripping, running-in and gliding characteristics, special functional surfaces

ColdBond®-soldering of thermally sentive materials

The ColdBond technology offers the possibility to process thermally sensitive materials by means of low temperature soldering and sintering. Especially in the field of electronics, optics, sensor technology, medical technology and thermal management.

Metallization of surfaces

High-strength connections even at high operating temperatures - soldering in vacuum, under protective gas, with flame or induction.

Targets with Cu-Backing-Plates

Applications: Optical, elektronics, displays, glas, foils, solar, sensoric, decor, data storage, wear resistance, tribological systems

Bodyclad® - Armor plates

for large-scale wear, corrosion and impact protection, in particular at elevated temperatures

Format® - Thin coats

High-performing surfaces for tools, forms, instruments, motors and turbine parts.

S-Bond® - Heat exchangers coldplates

A self-developed and patented soldering technique for athmospheric soldering and metallizing of metals, light metals, glasses and ceramics without flux.

High temperatur - hard brazing

High-strength connections, even at high operating temperatures - brazing in vacuum, under inert gas atmosphere, with a naked flame or induction.

Adhesive bonding

Alternative bonding possibility for high-strength bonds of metal-metal and metal-ceramic bonds.

Bodyclad® - Rough coatings

for gripping and cutting applications, machining, separating and grinding concrete, stone as well as hard surfaces

Bodyclad® - Composite coatings

Highest demands on the wear and corrosion protection in the event of severe abrasive and impacting loads on the surfaces.

PM foils - preform tapes

Upon customer demand, arbitral selections and materials combinations through in-house powder intensive mixing technique and forming processes are possible.