NanoPlas® ETC-Coatings

Wear and corrosion protection, thermal insulation, electrical insulation, non-stick, gripping, running-in and gliding characteristics, special functional surfaces


  • Chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Highly hydrophobic surfaces
  • Self-leveling
  • Resistant to seawater, saline atmosphere, kerosene, oils etc.
  • Layer thicknesses 1-3 μm and 10-20 μm according to application, suitable for vacuum
  • Abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant and dense layer structure, very high adhesion to the base material
  • Temperature resistant up to 700°C depending on load collect
  • Prevention of limescale and fouling
  • Suitable for foodstuffs, free of chromium and heavy metals
  • Easy to clean, or. self-cleaning
  • Smoothing of rough surface structures and friction reducing
  • Internal and external contours and complex geometries can be coated, no size limits, on-site coating of surfaces possible

Applications NanoPlas® ETC-Coatings

Turbine construction, motor technology, drive technology, steel production, food technology, chemical and process engineering, textile engineering, power plant and power engineering, oil and gas engineering, maritime engineering, medical technology, maintenance and assembly part repair.


  • Metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and light metals
  • Composite materials like MMC und CMC
  • Ceramics/Stones/Concrete, Plastics / CFK, Wood and wood composites, Fabric materials

Coating offer

  • Metallic and ceramic coating systems
  • Atmospheric plasma spray and arc processes
  • Sampling for single part and series production
  • Exterior and interior coatings
  • Coating thicknesses up to 1 mm
  • Partial coatings possible

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