Coating Soldering Glueing optimized Materials

Our offer

EUROMAT deploys innovative technologies for coating, soldering and brazing of tools, assembly parts and components. The successful implementation of our customer requests requires comprehensive support from the analysis and engineering to service. This is again reflected in our service offer:

We offer the following services

  • Consulting and conceptual design
  • Analysis and assessment by the technology and material selection
  • Engineering, Process Development and Prototyping
  • Coating, soldering and brazing service

Following technologies for coating, joining and brazing are used:

Introducing Joining Technologies

Materials, Processes and Applications


Brazed metal-ceramic armed composite coatings onto plates, parts, tools and components

Shift system: NanoPlas® nAg

Antimicrobial functionalisation of hygienic surfaces with nano-silver


Low friction PVD/CVD ID- and OD-coatings for wear applications


Flux-free low-temperature soldering and sintering of metals, light and non-ferrous metals, ceramics and glass for applications in electronics, optics, sensor technology, medical technology and thermal management

NanoPlas® ETC

ID- and OD-coatings. Corrosive/wear applications, non sticking, anti bacterial, easy-to-clean onto metals, light metals, glasses, plastics, stones and ceramics


Patented lead free soldering technology to solder and metalize metals, light metals, ceramics und composite materials without flux regarding RoHs and WEEE