BodyClad® Rough coatings

for gripping and cutting applications, machining, separating and grinding concrete, stone as well as hard surfaces

Product decription

The rough coatings on cutting, grinding and gripping tools are produced on carbide, cBN or diamond based with the use of soldering technology. In-house development for special solder alloys, rough surfaces as well as controlled and defined particle size distribution assure us a unique market position.

Characteristics of the rough coatings

  • Coating of tools and assembly parts
  • Rough coating injection or based on soldering technology, is capable of being produced
  • Individual selection of grain morphology, defined setting of roughness
  • High-strength metallurgical bond between the hard material and tool carrier, even at elevated temperatures or humidity
  • Tool carriers made out of steel, titanium, tungsten carbide or ceramic
  • Hard materials made out of carbide, silicon nitride, cBN or diamond
  • Suitable for serial production in high volumes