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EUROMAT GmbH, based in Baesweiler near Aachen, Germany, stands for innovation and the highly specialised production of complex solutions for joining and coating SMART materials and components. Our focus is on the application and testing of new materials and nanomaterials in combination with process and manufacturing developments. Typical applications are in the fields of electronics, optics, sensor technology, thermal management, medical and food technology and industry.

Innovative through research

We are pleased that our numerous measures to provide our employees with a modern workplace in which they feel comfortable have also been recognized by the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization.

This year, they awarded us the "Employer of the Future" seal. This is awarded to companies with a modern and digital image that stand for innovation and contemporary working hours.

Of course, we will not rest on our laurels, but continue to work on being and remaining an attractive employer.


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DGM Lötseminar: Löten- Grundlagen und Anwendeung

On 11.09. from 9:00 to 12.09.2024 to 13:00, an advanced and further training course will take place in cooperation with RWTH Aachen University on the exciting topic of soldering technologies. As a versatile joining process, soldering opens up completely new dimensions in joining technology, especially in the production of high-quality same-species or dissimilar composites with optimized properties. We are convinced that your company will benefit from in-depth knowledge in this area. If you are interested, you are welcome to read on to find out more about the timeline and content.

2024-DGM soldering seminar flyer

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Euromat beim Innovationstag 2024


#SoGehtZukunft! Und wir von Euromat GmbH sind mitten drin. Am 13. Juni lädt das @bmwk_bund beim Innovationstag Mittelstand zur #Entdeckungsreise ein. Die Freiluftveranstaltung stellt die zukunftsweisenden Erfolge des innovativen Mittelstands in den Fokus und wir freuen uns, dabei sein zu dürfen!

#innotag2024 #Innovation #FuE #KMU #Mittelstand

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Our first video on our S-Bond ® application is published.

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Euromat in the Aachen newspaper


We marry materials that actually don't want to go together!

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Development of an ultrasound-assisted joining process for ceramic-aluminum lightweight structures with micro- and nano-sized solder material

Lightweight structures made of aluminium are becoming increasingly important because they save resources though their design and are the key to energy-efficient processes. The use of these light metals is often limited by specific loads or required functions on the surface, e.g. increased operating temperatures, electrically conductive and heat insulating properties, corrosive media or heavy mechanical wear. These limitations can be overcome by using ceramic materials. The low density of ceramics such as Al2O3 (3.95 g/cm³), SiC (3.21 g/cm³) or Si3N4 (3.17 g/cm³) is an advantage for high-performance lightweight constructions. Furthermore, 3D-printed ceramics are also of increasing interest. Within the scope of this ZIM project, EUROMAT will develop and investigate a novel joining process for ceramic-light metal joints based on ultrasonic technology with nano- and micro-solder systems together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Dresden. There is great interest in these possibilities in the fields of e-mobility, laser, thermal management, electronics, sensor technology, medical technology and optics.

This project is funded by the BMWi within the framework of the programme "Central Innovation Programme for Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM)".

We offer individual, new technical solutions that are implemented directly as prototype or in small series. Be it consulting, development or production:

  • Industrial solutions for wear and impact resistance, complete wear parts and bodies
  • Functional coatings for Easy-to-Clean, non-sticking, corrosion protection, low friction
  • Coating and joining/brazing of metals, ceramics, light metals and composite materials
  • Production of cooling plates
  • Special materials and equipments for surface technologies:
    • Targets for optical and wear applications
    • PM-brazing tapes and preforms
    • Solder materials used by ultrasonic joining technologies
    • Ultrasonic equipments for bonding and welding

The use of our know-how, our creativity and materials science expertise reduce your production costs and accelerate innovative product and process development. Our services range from the development up to full production with innovative material systems and environmentally friendly, sustainable bonding-brazing and coating processes.

EUROMAT Overview

Industrial Surface Solutions

You accelerate product and process development, thereby reducing your costs.


EUROMAT deploys innovative technologies for coating, soldering and brazing of tools, assembly parts and components.


Comprehensive support from the analysis and engineering to service. This is again reflected in our service offer.


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"Die DIN EN ISO 9001 legt die Mindestanforderungen an ein Qualitätsmanagementsystem (QM-System) fest, die eine Organisation zu erfüllen hat, um Produkte und Dienstleistungen bereitstellen zu können, die die Kundenerwartungen sowie gesetzlichen und behördlichen Anforderungen erfüllen. Weiterhin unterliegt das QM-System einem kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozess KVP)."