Shift system: NanoPlas® nAg

Antimicrobial functionalisation of hygienic surfaces with nano-silver

Environmentally friendly SolGel surface coating with homogeneously distributed nano-silver particles for permanent, highly active antimicrobial effect against bacteria and fungi. Additional protection against multi-resistant germs. Biocompatible, non-toxic for humans and animals, chemically resistant and suitable for contact with food. Temperature resistance of > 300 oC. Typical coating thicknesses are in the range of 3 to 6 ┬Ám. Internal and external coatings are possible. The coatings can be applied to plastic, metal, ceramic or glass.

Fields of application

This coating can be used wherever bacterial growth does not become excessive between disinfection cycles or need to be directly eliminated to further prevent infection. In addition, the coatings offer abrasion resistance with anti-wetting properties and are suitable for direct food contact. Typical areas of application include:

  • public areas such as daycare centres, kindergartens, schools, universities, administrations
  • transportation such as cars, buses, trains, planes, ships
  • in hospitals, medical care, operating theatres
  • sanitary, wellness, sauna, sport, fitness, gastronomy
  • water supply and treatment, air conditioning
  • textile technology and fibre coating
  • food industry, food processing, etc


The coating can be applied to complex component geometries by brushing, dipping or spraying. Coatable base materials include metals, ceramics, glass and plastics.

Nano-silver particle distributionHomogeneous
Non-stick propertyYes
Water repellentYes
Abrasion resistance/scratch resistanceYes
Surface roughnessImaging
Temperature resistance> 300 °C
Alkali resistanceYes
Thermal conductivityYes
UV radiation resistanceYes
Coating thicknessApprox. 3 to 6 µm
ColourTransparent. Can be mixed with colours on request.
Suitable for foodYes

The information in this data sheet is based on current technical knowledge and experience. A legally binding assurance of certain properties or the suitability for a specific application cannot be derived from this information.

It is recommended to carry out a test coating to evaluate the process and its performance and to check it for your individual requirements.